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 vrijdag, 18 oktober 2019

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Dutch language books

vrijdag, 23 januari 2015

Do you want to learn Dutch? You will find a wide range of Dutch language books in our webshop.

Here is an overview and some tips. Click on the links to order the books.

Books to learn Dutch grammar

-A Reference Grammar of Dutch is a Dutch language book with instructions in English. The book is aimed at English-speaking students with a beginner/intermediate level in Dutch. Each grammatical rule is illustrated by simple, everyday Dutch.

-Klare Taal! is a well-known book in which you will find everything you need to know about the Dutch grammar. The book explains the Dutch grammar in 88 topics and corresponding exercises.

-Vlekkeloos Nederlands voor iedereen explains all the Dutch grammar rules. It contains a lot of challenging exercises to practice the theory and to get to know Dutch grammar in a pleasant and interactive way.

Books to learn Dutch vocabulary:

-Vanzelfsprekend: in this package you will find a book and a dvd which will help you learning grammar and vocabulary while watching a funny soap. Vanzelfsprekend is a well-known and very interactive method, with English support.

-We believe that reading books in Dutch is a very good method to learn vocabulary. A few well-known books are re-written in easy Dutch.

Thus, you can read for example the bestseller Het diner in easy Dutch. The original book is of the famous Dutch author Herman Koch.

Books with audiosupport to practice Dutch pronunciation

Do you want to learn and practice Dutch pronunciation? Take a look at the category "uitspraak Nederlands oefenen" of our webshop, where you will find Dutch pronunciation training material with audio support.

Language books to improve writing skills

To improve your writing skills in Dutch, we recommend the book Vlekkeloos Nederlands, spelling en interpunctie. With this book you will learn the correct Dutch spelling and punctuation.

Dicitionaries Dutch

In our division Dutch Dictionaries you will find The Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek. It is a very handy dictionary, specially made for people learning Dutch. The words are explained in easy Dutch, with insightful example phrases.

The language book A Frequency Dictionary of Dutch: is also very interesting. It contains a list of the 5000 most frequently used words in Dutch.

Learn Dutch with fun

Learning Dutch can be fun! In our "Fun"-division you will find music, games and movies to learn and improve your Dutch. Have fun!

Echt waar?!

Met dit boek leer je dagelijkse woordenschat met ludieke nieuwsberichten, taalspelletjes, spreekwoorden...

Bestel rechtstreeks via e-mail, we leveren het boek thuis zonder kosten!

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ABK Bank


ABK bank: praat met hen voor een zorgeloze toekomst.

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uitspraak_NederlandsOnze selectie van grammatica- en oefenboeken, leesboeken en ander materiaal om (thuis) Nederlands te oefenen.

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De leesstraat

Leuke verhalen lezen in het Nederlands en zo je woordenschat verhogen, met de boeken van De leesstraat.

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